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Psychological care

Psychological care as a complement of multidisciplinary medical approach to patients before bariatric surgery operation

Kubesová J1, Toberný M, Kalinová E.

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Bariatric surgery has complemented the medical care of patients with obesity at Hospital Na Homolce since 2004. Multidisciplinary cooperation becomes essential. The bariatric team consists not only of a surgeon, a nurse and an anaesthetist, but also an internist, a nutritionist, a psychologist, and possibly a psychiatrist. Our article brings contributions of the psychologist in the bariatric team, and describes the possibilities and importance of his psychological intervention and treatment, both preoperatively and postoperatively. The article offers a review of the methods used in the psychodiagnostic examination prior to surgery, and also mentions the risk factors, such as in cases of deeper pathology in eating behaviour, a personality disorder, low probability of the patient’s postoperative compliance and so on, which can decrease the effectiveness of bariatric treatment. In cases where there is psychological contraindication for surgery, the psychologist should offer suitable psychotherapeutic or psychiatric alternative treatment.

PMID: 21634202

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